Wool...and blends

All Royale Hare fibers are available in all colorways and semi-solids!

Blue Face Leicester - a member of the English longwool family and commonly known as BFL, is fine enough to not be scratchy yet durable, and when dyed it produces shimmering colors while being moderately feltable.  A great choice for blending  with fibers that don't have bounce such as silk and mohair, yet doesn't mute those fibers natural qualities of luster and drapability.

Available as braids of combed top and locks.

Available in natural and all dyed colors.

BFL - ecru natural, 4 ounce braids, $16.00 each
BFL - hand-dyed in any Royale Hare color, 4 ounce braids, $21.00 each

Mixed BFL - 75% ecru BFL/ 25% Black BFL (black BFL is dark brown), 4 ounce braids, $19.00 each
Mixed BFL - hand-dyed in any Royale Hare color, 4 ounces each, $24.00 each

Black BFL - natural dark brown, 4 ounce braids, $16.00 each

BFL locks - $4.50 per ounce

 Merino - originally a cross between the best Spanish sheep ewes of the twelfth and thirteenth centuries and African rams from the other side of the Strait of Gibraltar, which separates Spain and Africa by 8 miles.  They are named after the Beni-Merines who are members of a Berber tribe located where present day Morocco is.  By the Middle Ages the Spanish had refined Merino sheep to a point where they cornered the European wool market.  The Spanish outlawed the export of Merino sheep with the penalty of death.  In the 1700s some Spanish monarchs began giving breeding stock to their relatives in other European courts, which led to Merinos spreading across Europe and ultimately the globe.  In 1809 , William Jarvis, from Vermont and then American consul to Portugal, brought over a ship of Portuguese Merinos.  These  3,500+ sheep were the foundation for Merinos in America.

     It seems as though Merino is Merino is Merino, a consistent type of soft, fine fiber.  All Merino is considered within the fine range of wool, and can be worn next to the skin.  But the softness does vary from very fine 11.5 microns to the coarsest Merino 26 microns.  Most Merino fiber and yarn, and ours is available is in the 20-25 micron range.  I can source finer Merino for you.

     Also available in SuperWash, which means the wool has been treated to strip all the outer scales off and the wool becomes even softer and can be machine or hand washed.  We recommend laying down your yarn and finished items to dry.  I hang my socks up by the toes to dry.

     Available as braids of combed top.  I can source whole raw fleeces for you.

Available in all Royale Hare colors!

Merino - ecru, 4 ounce braids, $16.00 each
Merino - hand-dyed, 4 ounce braids, $21.00 each

SuperWash Merino - ecru, 4 ounce braids, $16.00 each
SuperWash Merino - hand-dyed, 4 ounce braids, $21.00 each

Black dyed Merino - beautiful, dyed by a dye house since black is the hardest color to dye, 4 ounce braids, $21.00 each



Mixed BFL

Mixed BFL Braid