Royale Hare

Silk "Hankies"
Silk "Hankies":
Silk "hankies" are de-gummed silk cocoons from the Bombyx Mori silkworm.  After de-gumming the cocoons are pulled into squares approximately 10" x 10".  There are many ways to use silk "hankies".  My favorite way is to make un-spun yarn.  Un-spun yarn from a silk "hankie" is easy to make and use.  No spinning experience is necessary to make un-spun silk "hankie" yarn.  The easy instructions for making un-spun silk "hankie" yarn is on the Silk "Hankie" page..   My silk "hankies" are approximately 1/2 ounce each.   
100% nylon Firestar is soft, glitzy fiber.
100% SuperWash Merino Wool yarn, double knitting weight also known as size 3.
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