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The Support Spindle - The Support Spindle
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The Support Spindle:
Now taking deposits for the next batch!

The machinist is willing to make small batches.  We need deposits on five.  Then I'll let you know the time frame.  Sometimes we let the machinist work on other orders, or even have a vacation.

The Support Spindle is the easiest, most convenient spinning tool to take with you anywhere!  The base & whorl are precisely machined (in Sonoma County, California, USA) from brass, with two ball bearings in the base for smooth spinning.  The spindle shaft is made of safe Delrin® plastic.  Tucked into our padded & fitted Guatemalan cotton carry case, your Support Spindle will safely travel in your pocket or purse.  Just set on any solid surface, even a book on your lap or a airplane tray & you're ready to spin!  The Support Spindle was originally designed to spin angora rabbit hair, & is especially suited for fine fibers.  The Support Spindle is an excellent tool for the beginning spinner since there's no need to coordinate treadling & hand movement, plus no dropping since it sits on the table.  The accomplished spinner will find cotton easy to spin, not to mention the luxury fibers of cashmere, quivet and silk.  Made with a steel pin for sturdiness, the whorl spins smoothly on a nylon washer.

I make a padded & fitted Guatemalan cotton carry case for The Support Spindle.  This original carry case was designed years ago by my mother.  My mother made the cases for many years but she has retired from case sewing and I now sew them.  Colors may vary.

Purchased separately The Support Spindle is $90.00 and the carry case is $19.00.  If ordered together The Support Spindle with carry case are $105.00, a $4.00 saving.
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