Royale Hare

Felted Fish - Felted Fish
Felted Fish
This fun pattern from Fiber Space can be a great stash buster.  Use yarn from your stash, or leftovers, to make these delightful sea creatures.  The important thing about the yarn you use is it needs to felt.  I've also found that you can carry a second yarn that doesn't felt and when you shrink the fish the non felting yarn will be carried along with the felting yarn.  I've used eyelash yarns as the second yarn and after shrinking the eyelash yarn stands out beautifully.
100% nylon Firestar is soft, glitzy fiber.
Silk "hankies" approximately 1/2 ounce each, both natural and hand-painted colors.
100% SuperWash Merino Wool yarn, double knitting weight also known as size 3.
Ballerina Slippers
Keep your feet warm all winter with these felted clogs.