Royale Hare

Felted Clogs - Felted Clogs
Felted Clogs
Keep your feet warm all winter with these felted clogs.  Another Fiber Trends pattern, it is well written as all Fiber Trends patterns are.  I used my Sonoma Coast 100% merino, size 4 yarn.  These are knit large then shrunk in the washing machine.  

The fun part of shrinking these felted clogs is trying them on (wet) to check the size.  I fold up a old towel to approximately the size for both feet.  Then I take one of the clogs out of the net bag and put it on one foot then stand on the towel.  To shrink more put the clog back into the net bag and into the washer.  Then test the other clog on your other foot.  I recommend shrinking a clog for each foot since most of us have a slightly smaller foot.

100% nylon Firestar is soft, glitzy fiber.
Silk "hankies" approximately 1/2 ounce each, both natural and hand-painted colors.
100% SuperWash Merino Wool yarn, double knitting weight also known as size 3.
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