Silk Carrier Rods are little pieces of silk that wrap around guide rods as silk cocoons are reeled, unwound.  Silk cocoons are reeled (unwound) by carefully finding the silk end of the cocoon, which is in a large container of warm water.  The end is added to a group of many other silk cocoon ends and wrapped around a reel.  At this point the silk isn't actually spun, twisted, that is done later.  The silk travels over rods that guide it to the reel.  The guide rods catch small pieces of silk". When the silk wrapped around the guide rods builds up, they are slit off.



Silk Carrier Rods - Greens



 Silk "Rods"

Silk "Rods"


  Silk Carrier Rods


Silk Carrier Rods - approximately 1 ounce  $6.00

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