Rockpile Yarn

Bug Juice
My Rockpile yarn, named for the most northwest wine appellation in Mendocino County, California, is a high twist 100% SuperWash merino wool "sock" weight yarn, size 2 in the Standard Yarn Weight System from the Craft Yarn Council of America.

Each skein is 2 ounces, 245 yards and is usually plenty for almost any size socks and shawls.  As well as socks and shawls Rockpile is great for baby items, scarves, cowls, mittens, gloves and many more items. 

To see my original colors see my Colors page.  To see specific samples of my Rockpile yarn see the Rockpile page in my store.

To see the colors designed by Rosemary (Romi) Hill for Rockpile yarn see the Designs by Romi page.  Romi's patterns are available at

 "Bug Juice"
named by Rosemary (Romi) Hill's
blog readers


 Maia from
Designs by Romi
Designed for "Bug Juice"


 Dynamanique by
Designs by Romi

Queen Wil

 Queen Wil by
Designs by Romi


 Designs by Romi's Trieste


 Verdigris by 
Designs by Romi

Karen wearing Taygete

 Karen WearingTaygete
by Designs by Romi
Colors:  Windsor Denim &
Chocolate and Light Blue