Firestar is 100% nylon fiber that is soft and glitzy.  It is a great way to add glitz and metallic looks to your work without being scratchy.  Firestar is fiber - meaning it hasn't been spun into yarn yet, and there are many ways you can use it besides spinning.

You can blend it with other fibers, such as wool, alpaca, cotton, yak, camel down, art batts, and more.  After you blend Firestar with other fibers you can spin it into yarn, use it for wet felting if the other fibers felt, needle felt it, and more.

Firestar's staple length is about 3 inches.  You can spin Firestar into yarn easily by itself since it is soft and has a nice staple length.  Your Firestar single can be plyed on itself, or with other types of singles.

Firestar can be used to "frost" yarn by inserting it between singles as you ply them.  Or you can use Firestar to make a wrap or knot on singles or when plying.

Firestar can be laid on top of wool and needle felted in.  I once took a "wisp" of the Fitch Mtn. Frost colorway and needle felted one end to a mermaid's hair and let the rest of the "wisp" look as though I made a Firestar streak in her hair.

How will you use Firestar?

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