"Designs by Romi" Colors

Azure (Designs by Romi)
Bug Juice (Designs by Romi)
First Blush (Designs by Romi)
Flaming June (Designs by Romi)
Moravian Barley (Designs by Romi)
Spring Wheat (Designs by Romi)
Verdant (Designs by Romi)
Wedgwood (Designs by Romi)
Almost all of these colors were designed and named by Rosemary (Romi) Hill for some of her patterns.    "Bug Juice" started as a mistake I made while dyeing yarn.  Rosemary liked it so much I gave the yarn to her, and she designed the shawl "Maia" with it.  Rosemary's blog readers suggested names and then voted and the winner was "Bug Juice"!